How to generate a more secure password?

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Q&AYou may have heard the news about Twitter and that many accounts got hacked. This may raises the question now, how YOU can protect your accounts and how to create a secure password? There are many tools available to generate a random password, but let’s be honest, who can remember those? It becomes even more complicated if you have a different random password for every single account. By the way, you most definitely should have different passwords for different accounts. So again the question, how to create a strong and secure password which you can also remember?

The answer isn’t as complicated as it may seems. One rule you should have is that each password should be at least 7 characters long, should include a number and should have one capital letter.

Before we now go and generate our passwords, sort your accounts into groups. Email, Bank, Social Media are some group examples, but you can also go with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or how about Business and Private?

The next step is to come up with a sentence you can remember. Like “My zip code as a child was 555”

Based on this sentence we generate now our basic password by using the first letters combined with the number. Our basic password looks now like this “Mzcaacw555” and now, to have slightly different passwords for our different accounts, we add the group to it. Here some examples:

Facebook = “Mzcaacw555-FB”
Twitter = “Mzcaacw555-TW”
Email = “Mzcaacw555-EM”

To make it even more secure we can also group some of our accounts in categories and subcategories. Like Business / Private and than by service provider. Our passwords can now look like this:

Facebook = “Mzcaacw555-FB”
Twitter = “Mzcaacw555-TW”
Email (private) = “Mzcaacw555-EM_P”
Email (business) = “Mzcaacw555-EM_B”

Here some more hopefully useful tips for you to create a more secure password and to protect your accounts:

  • If you speak another language, try to come up with a sentence in different language instead of your mother tongue.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Don’t save your password, try to remember it.
  • Try to use different basic passwords for different groups.
  • If you use a public computer always use the “Logout” button when you are done.
  • Some provider offer an Authenticator to protect your account. Blizzard and Google have for example an app you can download to your smart phone. The Authenticator generates a random number, which you need to enter when accessing your account. Especially useful if you play a game like StarCraft in an internet cafe.

Mentioning games I also want to mention to stay away from programs which offer you to become the richest player in a game. First of all, I am sure most game provider will not appreciate if you try to cheat and the second reason why you should stay away from those tools is because many of them contain a program to hack your account.

I hope those tips will help you to protect your accounts and online identity. Last advise is to remember, if even Twitter can get hacked so can you. Therefore, as soon as you have the feeling your account isn’t save anymore, change your password.


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