Promoting your business online in 2021 – Starting the Campaign

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We have reached September and can launch our online advertisement campaigns. Welcome back to our series, promoting your business online in 2021. The previous posts were designed to help you be prepared to kick off the holiday season successfully. We posted about keyword research, audience and platforms, analyzing, calculating and budgeting your online advertisements as well as tips for advertisement distribution for the upcoming season. Today we like to recap the last posts, help you to connect the dots once more and outline what the next months will look like.

September should start with a low budget to get things going. We will use this months to start building awareness for the products we are about to sell, help the algorithm to aim at the right target audience and also collect the first data to analyze so we can make adjustments during the season.

The keywords we researched should outline what content we produce to help our online ads. The combination of the right keywords for search engine advertisement plus blogposts and hashtags should increase the traffic to our store. There are several strategies you can follow and this largely depends on your situation. But your main goal should be increasing sales, which means including keywords that have been driving traffic to your site in the past should be favoured. Also limit the number on keywords, focus on traffic for sales, not gaining followers on social media.

A well balanced combination of high value to mid value keywords is in many situations advisable, especially if you have already a more established WebShop. Most important is to keep in mind that the content you produce should have value to your audience. Avoid writing blogposts just for the sake of including as many keywords as possible. Look at the value you can provide to your clients and then see if you can somehow add the relevant keywords into your post. Keep in mind you are posting more than once during the season, so you don’t have to add all keywords into one post. Because we are aiming for more sales this season we can and should have a shorter list on keywords we can repeat in future updates.

Posting on Social Media should move from brand awareness to sales. September is still a good month to do both very balanced. In October, especially more to the end of October, you may want to shift the focus more to sales updates and less brand awareness.

Our last advise for September is to let the online ads run as you created them. Even if it is tempting to adjust the target, budget and perhaps the content. Try to let the algorithm adjust to your ads without tempering and only make adjustments if there is a very big issue. September will give you the base line you need to see if your traffic increases in October, which platform to favour and how to react during the season. September is therefore mainly to collect data and let the algorithm work into your favour, which should provide you a better return when it really counts.

We hope our series is helping you and your business. We would be happy if you consider liking, sharing and if you have a question perhaps leaving a comment. We like to wish everyone a successful start into the holiday season. 

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