Promoting your business online in 2021 – Planing out October

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Welcome back to our series promoting your business online in 2021. We hope you had an excellent start with your ad campaigns for September and hope our previous post helped you out. While running the first campaign in September we like you to stay ahead during the season by providing some suggestions for the upcoming months. Today we take a look at October, what content you might want to prepare and how to slowly change your focus from gaining brand awareness to sales.

As always we have to make this post more general and your individual situation may not apply hundred precent to what we suggest. But we believe it will be beneficial regardless, even if you consider implement it in the future. We are more than happy to talk to your individual situation and offer free initial consultations. Just give us a call or use the link at the end of the post.

If you have been following our series so far you know that September is mainly to gather data for the upcoming season and to improve the algorithm on a minimal budget. October will provide you with opportunities to test your campaign on one or two events. Depending if you are selling your products to Canada or not, you can will have Halloween available. If you have customers in Canada you may want to consider having a special deal at Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in Canada in October.

A good strategy is to start your ads the week leading into the holiday with updates related to the events. In case of Halloween you most likely have already a strategy for your online shop. For the ads you created on Google you can switch images out to make them look more Halloweenie. Just create the images in advance, go into your Google Ads settings and switch out or add images that are in the Halloween spirit. Just make sure to remove them again after the holiday is over.

Depending on the strategy you follow for your ads, you may want to make sure you adjust your ad budget accordingly. Regardless which strategy you decided to follow. The first half of October is still less busy as the second half. As soon as we get into the second half we will have to make adjustments and this is where the first data from September can helps us out. The guidelines we provided in previous posts were designed to predict the holiday season, the data we gain during September will allow us to make smart adjustments.

Next week we will take a look at November. Staying ahead of the season and creating the content in advance will allow you to have additional time for customer service, shipping, returns and taking care of your sales cycle. Using the time now to get as much content prepared can save you time during the most busy season.

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