Promoting your business online in 2021 – Prepare for November

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To be prepared will allow you not only to stay ahead of the season, but also saves you time when you are getting busy with selling, shipping and customer service. Welcome back to promoting your business online in 2021 and we hope our series has helped you out so far. Today we are looking into November and see what we can prepare in advance to make it easier in our marketing campaign in Fall / Winter 2021. In our previous post we looked at October and today we are going to see what November might have in store for us.

November will for most kickoff the real holiday sale season. If you are on a tight budget a good idea is to have enough advertisement budget available for mid November until the end of the season. If you need some pointers check out our other post in our series promoting your business online in 2021.

September and October should allow you to predict where your customers are coming from. It is important to remember our goal is to increase sales, not necessarily our followers on social media. So our ads will in November look more like “special deal” and “holiday sale” and less “join us on …”

Depending on your region and target market you may want to have a special deal for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As mentioned in our previous post it is a good idea to start a week before leading into the special day. For Black Friday you can have some additional items ready to be sold for a discounted price to gain more customers. Depending on your products you might want to “bring back” items form previous seasons to sell them at an extra discount.

November is also important to get prepared for December. Right after Black Friday you should switch your ads to accommodate the X-Mas season. Besides the keywords you use to support your store, make sure to add keywords such as Christmas Gift Ideas, Presents and other related keywords into the mix.

Some stores like to have a special event leading to the last day of special sales. Like a 12 days of Christmas or Christmas calendar, with a new item on sale every day.

Like October, we can split November in two half. We went into more detail about budget distribution in a previous post. But in general the first half of November can run with the same budget as the second half of October, allowing you to have a much larger budget available for the second half of November and December.

The traffic data from September and October should allow you to tighten the target group even more and hopefully allowing you to increase the return of investment. Keep in mind from our ads are focusing on sales, not finding new markets. Aiming for a tighter target group for your ads is therefore advisable. While you can still aim for both during September and perhaps even October. Late November is all about getting the most customers and sales.

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