Promoting your business online in 2021 – Prepare for December

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Welcome back to our series promoting your business online in 2021, where we share some tips to help you having a successful online marketing campaign. The last two posts were about preparing for October and November, today we take a look into December. This will conclude the preparation phase, next week we will provide some tips how to look at the first data from our campaign, which we started in September. If any of the post helped you with your campaign feel free to like, share and leave a comment.

Just looking back to our post from November, were we already talked about Black Friday and Thanksgiving in the US. With those two events we kickoff the holiday season and should have enough budget available to invest heavily into our campaigns. By the end of November we also have analyzed and adjusted our target groups. At this point we like to remind you, our campaigns are designed to increase sales, not necessarily followers on Social Media. Therefore we will be hard on the target groups, which we will talk about in our next post. The goal is to have the highest rate of return of investment.

In our posts about budget calculation and distribution we already mentioned the division of our overall budget. If you have followed our advice you should have by the end of November and during December a much higher advertisement budget available to catch shoppers for various holidays. In December we have of course Christmas, Boxing Day as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. There are a few more and the assumption people will buy gifts for their family and friends as well as for themselves is very high. We therefore should do our best to be very active on Social Media and adjust our advertisements accordingly.

Depending on your own preferences you may want to create images for the season, definitely adjust your keywords and get into a more festive spirit. Adjusting your online store and perhaps have some special sales events. The 12 days of Christmas is very popular, Christmas Calendar or maybe you have special deals for other celebrations.

With the lower investment at the start of the season, you will have enough advertisement power for the time the most people shop and we hope you will see a very good return of investment. The goal for the previous posts was to get you prepared so you can concentrate on sales, shipping and customer service during the most busy time. When everything is planed you should only invest a few minutes to make adjustments like exchanging an image, publishing an update or answering a comment. From End of November until your campaign is over your should not need to adjust your budget again. The only budget adjustment you might want to do is around the 20th December. If shipping X-Mas Gifts in time for Christmas is almost impossible. To reduce disappointed customers you might want to reduce your budget and let the campaign run out to the end of December.

So far we have published every week an update for you and hope one or maybe even more of our tips were useful for your campaign. Next week we will take a look at the first data from September and give you some advise how to use the data to adjust your campaign. We will have more updates during the season, designed to be more of reminder and lighter to accommodate your busy sales season.

As we mentioned in previous posts, our advise is written more general. Not every strategy fits with your unique situation. But we hope many of the posts we published were at least helpful and pointed you into the right direction. Obviously we also hope our advise increased your confidence in us and encouraged you to reach out if you need our assistance.

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