Promoting your business online in 2021 – First Analytics

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We arrived at the end of September and with that we can create our first datapoint. Welcome back to our series promoting your business online in 2021, where we share tips to help you having a successful online advertisement campaign for the holiday season. Today we are taking a look at our traffic and see what adjustments we might want to consider to get the most out of our investment.

Before we get started it is important to mention our goal is to increase sales, not followers on social media. This is important for the way we analyze our data and plan target market and budget adjustments. A campaign for brand awareness and increasing followers on social media will most likely run for longer, with perhaps the goal in mind to enter a new target market and therefore investment considerations will look a bit different. But for sales oriented advertisement campaigns we have to make some more sales focused decisions to secure we get the most for each advertisement dollar invested.

We advise you to check for those three factors:

  • Traffic Data
  • Abandon Shopping Cart
  • Sales

We primarily look into location data, not necessarily gender, age or other target market specific details. It will make it easier to adjust our online advertisement campaign.

The information we get from our traffic reports will also indicate which platform is performing best for our shop. In the beginning of this series we decided that Google ads are a good way to go. Ads we have on Google will need to run until December and will see the most change. But we also considered several social media platforms and might already see that one is performing better than the other.

Our goal today is to rank the platforms we run ads on and set a data point. The questions we will ask include:

  • How well has the platform performed in terms of the three factors?
  • Has a platform manage to return our investment?
  • Should we consider shifting budget form  an underperforming platform to the others?
  • What kind of location adjustments should we consider?

Because we started each platform with the same $10 budget it is much easier to compare them to each other. A return of investment (ROI) between 20% and 30% is desirable, but might not have happen with a certain platform yet. Please keep in mind, September is not the high season for our sales cycle, just the first data point. However, if a platform has zero return and did not show any traffic increase it is safe to assume that platform is not performing in our favour. As mentioned many times in our series promoting your business online, our campaign is designed for increasing sales not awareness. Budget shifted from a platform that is not performing is a necessary decision we have to make.

September is helping with getting our first data point. Now based on the strategy we have set in the beginning we can now adjust our budget for October. Regardless which strategy you choose the budget may increase slightly for the next month, with the large portion still available during November and December.

Depending on platform performance, strategy and location our first adjustments will be necessary in October. The datapoint we established today will help us with the decision we need to make. It is advisable to check low performance platforms by mid October and the performance is not increasing one possible decision you can make is either running your ad with a low budget or use the budget assigned to this platform to increase it for a platform that is performing better.

If you like us take a look at your ad strategy for 2021, feel free to contact us.

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