Promoting your business online in 2021 – Our anniversary 

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Welcome back to our series promoting your business online, where we provide some inside tips and hopefully help you to have a more successful online marketing campaign. Today we like to reflect on some of our previous posts and also mention our upcoming 10 year anniversary.

Before we get started let us remind you, the strategy we aimed for is to increase sales. To be successful with any online campaign you will need to keep your goal in mind. Gaining more followers on social media will require a different approach than a sales oriented campaign. Also planing an event is different to sales or gaining followers. Having the right strategy and following through matters. It is also important to have a goal in mind. Those can be reaching to a certain number of followers by the end of the campaign, getting a certain number of bookings for the event or reaching a certain revenue in sales. The goal, strategy and campaign need to be realistic and in your available budget.

In the past weeks we have published many posts to get you were we are right now. We have more planed until the end of the year and hope each one is useful to you. Today we are more or less in the middle of our sales cycle. A week from now we will have to check our statistics again and consider our first budget adjustments. It is therefore a good time to see what we did to get here.

After our intro post in July 2021 we published a post about keywords in August. We were aiming to have meaningful keywords for online ads on Google as well as hashtags for social media and our Blog available. Having the keywords planed for the season allows us to get our content prepared and connected to the keywords we choose. To increase the rate of success we used the tool from Google to see how popular a keyword is so we can have a mix of high and medium keywords in our campaign.

Next step was to choose the platforms we want to use for our sales cycle. Because we are not looking for increasing our followers we had to analyze were to put our budget into to get the best return. We followed the next week up with planing our budget and by the end of August we had everything in place to start our ad campaign and how to distribute our budget in the following months.

September was the month for a soft launch with a low budget. The goal was to have a datapoint at the end of September, which will help us for the rest of the campaign. But it was also to introduce Google to our products and services for the season. While the campaigns run and the algorithm can already adjust the advertisement based on the target groups. This should get us a head start for the season. But September was also important to prepare some supporting content, some blogposts perhaps and some updates for our social media accounts.

October would depend on the target market and of course your products. Because Thanksgiving in Canada is in October you might have planed a special deal for your customers in Canada. Halloween is another event you might be interested in having a special for your customers.

To make it easy for you to follow our posts we have a category here on WordPress for you:

In the upcoming posts we will continue guiding you. Next week we will talk about the first budget adjustments. We will use September as our datapoint. Depending on your strategy you may have already increased your budget slightly on one platform. By the end of October you most likely have to increase your budget and closer to the end of November once more. If you have followed our posts you should be prepared and know what to expect. Especially the posts about budgeting and budget distribution will be handy.

As we said in the beginning our agency is having its 10 year anniversary coming up. In February 2012 our agency was build with the dream to help small business owners to be successful online. Back then we couldn’t have imagined to celebrate our 10 year. In all those years we had many great projects, some very successful and others not so much. There is never a guarantee a project turns out the way you want it. But we always try our best to find the right solution for our customers and their success is our reward.

If you like us take a look at your ad strategy for 2021, feel free to contact us.

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