Celebrating our 10 year anniversary

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We are celebrating a special milestone for our agency this year and look back to our humble beginnings. Knowing we are celebrating our ten year is certainly amazing, an achievement we like to share. Today we like to look back and invite you to be a little nostalgic with us.

We picked a few projects to showcase our achievements and hope you will enjoy checking them out.

Starting with our first client, Versicherungsbüro Archangeli e.K., an insurance agency in Germany. A bit of background about this relationship. The owner of the insurance agency and our founder know each other for many years. As of writing this post, Simon has supported the insurance agency, which is located in Berlin, for over 25 years now. It is therefore not surprising that they became our first official client. To learn more about them visit http://archangeli.de

Over the years we have supported many clients from different industries. Projects included web development, online marketing as well as producing promotional as well as educational videos. We even produced a web series, called the INTERNeX Explorer, which was uploaded to YouTube at first and later just to Facebook. For the series we teamed up with the PR Department of INTERNeX and created over a hundred episodes. We like to share this playlist with you, but there are many more videos on YouTube and Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83Xje8vVnWA&list=PLjwMrVzdykszYaYpH8iAIIgGBqKfpRUQL

A few years ago we became a Shopify partner. One of the stores we helped creating was the fashion store from Style of Life Canada. Check out their selection at https://styleoflife.ca

We also hosted various seminars, one of which was for the Log and Timber Builder Association about internet security, at their annual conference in British Columbia.

Our latest client is Bagwerk, check out their selection at https://www.bagwerk.com

In the past ten years we supported many clients from various industries including construction, entertainment, retail, whole sale, tourism, insurance, education and many more. Our clients are located in Canada, the US, Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and other countries around the world.

We have worked on countless web projects, online database systems, online shops, Blogs, have produced over one hundred episodes for the web show, educational videos, promotional videos, have hosted seminars online as well as in an office, helped organizing events, trips and other activities for our clients and supported them with their Social Media needs as well as Online Marketing Strategies. 

When I started teccrab in February 2012, I wanted to give my clients the feeling of empowerment, by educating them about Digital Marketing. I believed by allowing them to look behind the curtain they would be less intimidated and trust my experience. This concept was certainly not new. I have always tried my best to share knowledge and to encourage people to do the same. It has served teccrab well and is part of our DNA.

– Simon, Founder of teccrab inc.

Over the years we have worked with many talented and creative people. We have also been supported by friends, family, partners, suppliers and of course our staff. The list has become long in ten years and we like to thank all of them. Please allow us to include a few here in this post. Very special thanks for your ongoing support goes to Alexander, Michael, Benjamin, Jonathan, Tobias, Yvonne, Stefanie, Diana, Jennifer, Denise, Anita, Udo, Robin, Jarod, Ron, Gerald, Axel, Alex, Martina, Caleb, Harley, Larraine, Nemma, Eugene, Mina, Tim, Tess, Janel, Tomotaka, Kerstin, Rebecca, Henrik, Jelle, Patricia, Irene, Mette, Petra, Franziska, Janus, Rick, Lies, Xenia, Kristina, Elke, Manouk, Maarten, Laura, Nadine, Mandy, Elisabeth, Justin, Sophie, Queenie, Lauren, Kate, Kristina, Mads, Jannik, Amiel, Claudia, Elvera, Danielle, Yennie, Clint, Rastin, Jen, Neelam, Lukas, Natasja, Bart, Jasmin, Felix, Iris, Lydia, Emmily, Tracy, Matt, Julia, Nadja, Laura, Karina, Ellemijn, Elliot, Felicitas, Megan, Florian, Jeff, Mario, Craig, Dorthe, Jeremy, Steve, John, Phil and so many more. Your support has helped us to build this agency. – Thank you

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Happy New Year 2022

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We like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you had an amazing start into 2022. This year marks the 10th anniversary for our agency and we are working on some special promotions, amazing projects and exciting changes. 

Our Blog will also see some more new articles. Next week we like to start with some tips how to analyze the data you gathered during the Fall / Winter season 2021. Those stats will lead to suggestions for a marketing plan and where you may want to focus on during the first and second half of the year.

While the post in January might be seen as the conclusion of our last series, promoting your business online in 2021, we also have some ideas for a new series. Our goal is to hopefully help you to understand the online marketing aspect more, give you useful tips and perhaps encourage you to reach out to us.

For now we like to thank you all for all the likes, Emails, shares, new subscriptions and for following our Blog.

If you want to get a free consultation, like to use our services or learn more about us, feel free to reach out.

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