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Need to know human anatomy? Learn it fast & easy.

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We found on Kickstarter this fantastic project made by Humanatomy and we would like to encourage you to support it. The application is a fun way to learn about the human anatomy and a great asset for future nurses, doctor or anybody who like to learn more about the human body. Let us list  some of the elements they want to include in this app from their Kickstarter Page:

Anatomy games. All our games are interactive with a combination of excellent images, correct terminology, and stats. You will be able to review, self test and track your improvements.

Reward and Tracking System. Earn badges for accuracy, speed and for improvement. The tracking system will monitor your improvements and challenges. If you are having trouble with one muscle, it will appear more often in the game.

Flashcards. We have the platform for the flashcard component. Each flash card will have the muscle image. You will be able to customize what you need to study. The origin, insertion, action, nerve and blood supply will be interactive. There are also tabs associated with each flashcard that takes you to a video, a memory aid or a note function. You will be able to build your own study decks.

Check out the related Kickstarter video on their YouTube Channel:

And don’t forget to check and support their project by visiting their Kickstarter Page at:

Introducing MyPoi (My Point of interest)

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MyPoi LogoToday we would like to give you our first impression of an application called MyPoi. This application is at the moment in an early stage but still something we think you should check out. What you can do with MyPoi is saving your special places, your points of interest by pinpointing them to a map and adding tag(s) to it. You can share this place with your friends, family and colleagues or of course use MyPoi to find this special spot yourself again.

MyPoi_ScreenshotYou can download MyPoi for free and creating an account is also free. When you start the application it will show you a list of your Poi’s sorted by the date you added them. Via the Plus button you can easily add another point of interest. The available fields at the moment are a Title and a Note Box. The Note Box can be used for tagging. Below them you will find a switch to either save your point of interest public or not. MyPoi is designed to work offline too, so you can add your Poi anywhere.

Below the fields where you can enter information about your new point of interest you will find a map and below that a little icon to add pictures.

To check your points of interest you can use the list icon in the top left corner. There you will have also the option to search for other Poi’s. Just enter a keyword or #hashtag and then click search. Your hits will be shown in a list form and selecting a location will provide you more information.

If you prefer to see your Poi on a bigger screen you can also go to the website and check out your story page. Ours is for example and shows the points of interest we have saved so far. Another feature is the Tag map where you can find Poi’s around you based on a tag check as an example.

As mentioned earlier, the application is still in the development stage but shows already promising features. We had the chance to meet Clint Liang, the developer of MyPoi, and to talk to him about his application. He is very excited about the feedback he got so far and is working on implementing a web based interface for users to create POI’s online. He mentioned that it would be great to get even more users involved, because the feedback from them will help to develop an application they like. If you are interested to learn more about MyPoi please follow the links below:

Website – http://www.mypoiapp.comLopif Software Inc.
Facebook –
Twitter –

MyPoi is a product of Lopif Software Inc. developed by Clint Liang

We hope you will check out MyPoi and please feel free to share your experience and leave a comment here.