Online Security Awareness Seminar (OSAS) – May 2014

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We would like to invite you to join our Online Security Awareness Seminar (OSAS) which we will offer in the last two weeks of May. Because of recent security problems such as Heartbleed and the issue with the InternetExplorer we dedicated some time to create this seminar for you. We decided to offer our seminar to everyone who is interested in this subject and to make it also as affordable as possible. During the seminar we will go over the following topics:

OSAS-2014System at risk
When you are working with a computer and the internet you are probably aware about the risks. Let us talk about those systems.

What kind of risks
Heartbleed demonstrated that even big players can not give you any guarantee to be protected. You also need to protect yourself. Let us give you a little overview and talk about the “What kind of risks” each system is facing.

Security vs Convenience
There has to be a balance between security and usability. How much is to much and what is the minimum? Let us talk about it.

Options to secure your system
Let us give you some example how you can protect your systems. We will talk about technics as well as software that can help you accomplishing this goal.

Password creation
We all use passwords to protect our computer, website, social media network, Bank Account and Email. Let us show you how to generate a more secure password which you can also easy remember, hopefully without leaving a clou to others.

At the end of our presentation we will have of course some time to chat with you and to answer questions you may have.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our Consultation Location in the International Mall at 88 West Pender Street where we will offer the seminar every business day from the 20th until the 30th May 2014 from 6:00pm until 7:00pm. You can find the available dates for the seminar in our event calendar where you can also reserve a spot and pay the $10.00 administration fee. Please be informed that there is an additional fee charged by the event page provider as well as additional fees from your credit card provider.

Please be so kind and arrive 10 minutes before the event so we can start on time.

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List of effected websites #Heartbleed

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teccrab-QandAWe are sure you have already heard of the internet nightmare called “Heartbleed”, a bug that is effecting a lot of websites. It is strongly recommended to change the password of the sites that are listed as “vulnerable”. You can find this list here:


Unfortunately remembering hundreds of passwords isn’t easy and many of us use the same password for different platforms, even if that is not recommended. We therefore advise to change your passwords not just for the sites listed but also for any other account you may have across the web. We also would like to give you some tips how to generate a password that is secure and easier to remember.

Before we generate our passwords you should sort your accounts into groups like Email, Bank, Social Media for example or go with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or also possible Business and Private.

The next step is to come up with a sentence you can remember. Like “My zip code as a child was 555″

Based on this sentence we generate now our basic password by using the first letters combined with the number. Our basic password looks like this “Mzcaacw555″ and now, to have slightly different passwords for different accounts, we add the group to it. Here some examples:

Facebook = “Mzcaacw555-FB”
Twitter = “Mzcaacw555-TW”
Email = “Mzcaacw555-EM”

To make it even more secure we can also group some of our accounts in categories and subcategories. In our example we used Business and Private as the one category and than by service provider as a second category:

Facebook = “Mzcaacw555-FB”
Twitter = “Mzcaacw555-TW”
Email (private) = “Mzcaacw555-EM_P”
Email (business) = “Mzcaacw555-EM_B”

  • To keep your password safe we also recommend:
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Use different basic passwords for different groups.
  • If you use a public computer always use the “Logout” button when you are done.
  • If you speak another language, try to come up with a sentence in a different language instead of your mother tongue.

Some provider offer an Authenticator to protect your account. Blizzard and Google have for example an app you can download to your smart phone. The Authenticator generates a random number, which you need to enter when accessing your account.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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