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Need to know human anatomy? Learn it fast & easy.

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We found on Kickstarter this fantastic project made by Humanatomy and we would like to encourage you to support it. The application is a fun way to learn about the human anatomy and a great asset for future nurses, doctor or anybody who like to learn more about the human body. Let us list  some of the elements they want to include in this app from their Kickstarter Page:

Anatomy games. All our games are interactive with a combination of excellent images, correct terminology, and stats. You will be able to review, self test and track your improvements.

Reward and Tracking System. Earn badges for accuracy, speed and for improvement. The tracking system will monitor your improvements and challenges. If you are having trouble with one muscle, it will appear more often in the game.

Flashcards. We have the platform for the flashcard component. Each flash card will have the muscle image. You will be able to customize what you need to study. The origin, insertion, action, nerve and blood supply will be interactive. There are also tabs associated with each flashcard that takes you to a video, a memory aid or a note function. You will be able to build your own study decks.

Check out the related Kickstarter video on their YouTube Channel:

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