Promoting your business online in 2021 – Keywords

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Our first post in our series promoting your business online in 2021 is about keywords. If you have already been tracking your keywords you certainly be aware which to use and the importance of implementing the right keywords into your online activities. But if you just started, this subject can be a bit confusing. Some keywords might be more obvious than others. For example, if you are selling shoes, you want to use keywords related to shoes. But some keywords are used by too many, while others might put you into a more niche position. Finding the right keywords is important. One great tool that can help with keyword research is the Google Keyword Research tool. You can start by adding one keyword or short phrase, Google will suggest some related keywords and the more you add the more related keywords you will find.

The next step you should consider is to filter keywords and make a list of keywords you find are the most relevant to your business. When crating a list we advise to sort them into three groups. 

Group number one are essential keywords, those will be keywords that describe the product you are selling. Let say you sell amazing BLTs. Your essential keywords would be Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. 

The second group are supporting keywords, which would be indirect related to your main product. So in the case of the BLT we could use Food, Lunch and Dinner as supporting keywords. 

Last are seasonal keywords and those are relative easy because we know the upcoming holidays. So we would use Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas as seasonal Keywords combined with Gift Ideas, Sale, Presents and so forth. 

Based on your keyword list you will have to decide what kind of content you can prepare for the upcoming season. Some keywords might be useful in a Blogpost, some might work well as hashtag for social media and other might be useful to add to your online advertisement campaign. Pick some keywords you like to push on every single platform, but keep it to a manageable number. 

Depending on the platform the number of keywords varies. Blogposts might be an easy way to include many keywords, but as a tip here we like to advise that quality is better then quantity. Keep in mind you want to use the Blog as platform to provide valuable information to your customers and not spam them with irrelevant content. Just because you like to implement as many relevant keywords into your Blog to attract search engines will not move your products.

On Social Media Platforms you should consider reducing the number of hashtags to a maximum of three. More than that will in most cases look overwhelming to a human eye and most certainly not get the result you desire.

If you have a few keywords relevant to your business and use them on different platforms for a while, you will see that search engines make more meaningful connections. Your goal should be to help search engines to connect your website with relevant keywords. Valuable content on Blogposts, that might get shared by your audience, using Social Media in a smart way, plus well placed advertisement should lead to positive results.

In regards to online ads we like you to be aware they will not get you results over night. A well thought out strategy and the knowledge that a good advertisement campaign will take at least 3 month to be considered successful or a failure should be kept in mind. With that being said, make sure to stick to your keywords for a longer period of time. Imagine you start with one keyword, think it is not working and decide to replace it, right at the time the algorithm of the platform you use picked it up and associated it with your business. Wouldn’t that be unfortunate? 

We understand not everyone has a large budget available and can run a lot of great advertisement online at the same time on as many platforms as they please. But keep in mind you would waste even more time and money if you invest into one group of keywords and stop right at the moment they would have worked out for you. Online Ads will take time, especially with a small budget. However, if your ads are not doing anything for your business you might advertise on the wrong platform, use the wrong keywords or have perhaps created a to specific target group. Knowing when to adjust is as important as it is to let it run.

Next Wednesday we will take a closer look at the different platforms you can run your ads on.

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Promoting your business online: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEM-SEOTodays topic in our series Promoting your business online is certainly a more complex one and we feel it might be a good idea to start with some basic information. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is what you need to do to get your website found on platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to name a few.

Depending on who you are talking to the opinion on what kind of work is involved varies. Some will see the implementation of keywords in your website, listing your business on search engines and some other more technical aspect as what SEO is about. Others might see everything to drive traffic to your site as SEO.

Beside the definition there are also many different ways to actually get your site up in ranking and there are even reasons why you may not want to do it. Yes this may sound strange, but you may not want to increase the traffic to your site and we will try our best to explain why.

Lets say you are selling products on your website you also manufacture. The traffic to your website is decent but not amazing. Now imagine the traffic to your site suddenly increases so much that the amount on orders you are receiving exceeds your production capacity. Soon you will find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you can not satisfy your customers anymore. They start to leave bad reviews all over the internet and the entire experience did hurt your business more than it helped.

A much better approach is to increase the traffic to your website slowly so that you have time to adjust and to decide if you need to hire more people and invest in new equipment. This is why you may want to consider getting help from an agency or hire someone to help you in this regard.

Now the problem is that anyone can call themselves SEO Expert and the unfortunate truth is that there are so many bad once out there. To find a good one is very important. We therefore encourage you to shop around before you decide who should support you and we hope some of the following tips will help you in your decision.

  • Be sceptical if someone promises you to get you on top of every search engine in just a few weeks.
  • A good agency will not only explain what they want to do, but also involve you in the decision process as much as you want
  • A good agency will explain everything in terms you understand and will try their best to secure you feel included and be able to ask any question you may have
  • A good agency will provide you with a long term plan and will inform you if adjustments are needed
  • We here at teccrab will secure you have access to your Google Analytics Reports so you can check your traffic anytime you want. Even if other agencies prefer to use a different software to track the traffic to your website, you should get frequent reports regardless.

We had the unfortunate experience to meet some business owners who got burned by some “experts” who promised them to be on the 1st page on Google. This may sound strange but we as well get frequently Emails from “experts” who tell us our site needs help and promise us to be on the 1st page of Google. They claim to have analyzed our site meticulously without realizing we offer SEO services as well.

The problem as we see it is that good agencies have not only to comped with those “experts” but also get harmed by their business methods. We had clients who raised their eyebrows the moment we mentioned SEO, just because they get flooded with junk Emails. An even bigger problem is when you trust your website to the wrong SEO expert. Because it can be much more dangerous than trusting a bad printer or designer for example. Even if you have to pay for an awful designed website, a brochure or business cards you probably won’t be out of business. Trusting the wrong SEO expert can put you on the so called Blacklist and getting your domain off this list is very time consuming and to repair the bad reputation you may have received online can cost you even more.

Good agencies and experts will support your business with so called white head SEO. They will inform you about changes and advise you what to do. The process to increase the traffic to your site will be managed in a way that is beneficial to your business. A good agency will become a valuable partner you can trust.

We offer free consultations and encourage you to take our offer and compare it before making a decision. To learn more about us please feel free to check out the following links: – Web – Blog – Twitter – Facebook – Google Plus – YouTube

New teccrab Package – Website Start

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Today we at teccrab would like to introduce a package which is, in our opinion, especially interesting for small business owners and startups. It includes everything you will need to have a professional looking, basic online presentation. A fantastic foundation for a more complex website. Of course the site will be created based on a standart template, but thanks to the amazing CMS, we will install for you, it will be easy to adjust the design and therefore change the look and feeling of your website.

We think, like mentioned in the beginning, that especially startups will like this package, because it will give you the chance to have a website created by professionals for very low costs. Thanks to many available components, modules and plugins, it will be easy to implement later things like an online shop, information request forms and/or an event calendar (to name just a few) as soon as you see that your business is growing.

Please find here the details of this amazing package:

  • Your own CMS based website
  • Up to 10 articles will be included in this package
  • A standart Disclaimer Page
  • We will setup your first Contact Form for you
  • Basic SEO


  • Domain name registration
  • Content Management
  • Banner and Button design
  • Twitter Integration
  • Facebook Page

The price for this package starts at just $900.00 (*)

Additional to your new CMS based online presentation we offer our website support service for an amazing discount.

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teccrab first website -BETA-

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The first version of the teccrab website is now finally online. The site is still in a BETA phase, but the main content, even if they still have to be reviewed again, is online. There is still much to do, but the BETA does look great already. Well at least that is what we think 🙂

If you check out our site you will see that we tried to have the Top of our website similar to the Top of our Blog. The first page has at the moment 3 images, which are rotating. Each image represents one of our core services. Below the rotating images we have a little welcome text followed by the copyright, address and links to our Disclaimer, Contact Us and About Us pages.

By clicking on “Services” you will find the core services teccrab is offering. We have Website Developing, Internet Marketing and Public Relations as the main products and split that later into sub services such as SEO, Banner and Button Design, Blog posting and Online Reputation Management, to  name just a few.

Please find here the images you will as well find on our website. You will see that each service has it’s own little icon, we think this is a nice extra touch.

Please visit our website at and leave a comment below how you like our first website.

Thanks 🙂