Promoting your business online in 2021 – Happy Halloween

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Today we like to start by thanking everyone who enjoyed our series promoting your business online. We received more positive feedback than we would have imagined. Our goal was and still is to help small business owners to run a successful online marketing campaign. If our blogposts helped you we would be happy to hear from you.

As we have mentioned in our last post the main sales season is starting soon and beside wishing you a Happy Halloween, we also like to review the posts leading to this point. So let us take a quick overview of the previous posts followed by our plans for the future.

We started in July, with a short introduction post. It was just called Promoting your business online in 2021 and was designed to kickoff the series.

In the beginning of August we talked about Keywords and mentioned some tips how to categorize them and to use them for the sales season.

Our Audience and Platforms post was next, where we talked about ranking your social media platforms.

By now it was clear our posts where designed like a short step by step guide you can follow during the season. With the subject Calculating Online Advertisement Budget we used the previous information to calculate our available budget.

The post Distribution Online Advertisement Budget talked about how to distribute the overall budget. We advised to start slow in September to have a larger budget available for November and December. 

In our post Starting the Campaign we provided an overview of the leading posts and did kickoff the season.

Planing out October, followed by November and December were three posts we prepared for you to help with content for the upcoming months.

By the end of September we posted First Analytics where we talked about setting a base line for our future budget adjustments

We used October primarily to make you fit for the months November and December. In our post Analyzing and Budget adjustments, published last week, we were hoping you felt well prepared to make the right calls. We advise you to consider adjusting your budget by the end of this week. Soon October will be over and we enter November. It is advisable to see what content is ready to be published, if you have specials going on for Black Friday and the Christmas season. Perhaps something for Boxing Day and the last week of December.

Our plan is to continue helping you with tips during the season and hope our posts are useful to you. We understand that a like might be right now the easiest form of supporting us, but we would be happy if you could also consider sharing and commenting on our posts.

Next week we like to share some exciting news. We are making some adjustments to our WebShop Management Solution Packages, thanks to new partnerships. Existing clients will already be able to enjoy and consider our additional services, which we are including in our upcoming packages. 

If you like us take a look at your ad strategy for 2021, feel free to contact us.

You can reach us at +1 833 TECCRAB that is +1 833 832 2722

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